famous "RIAS STIMMEN"  

Agnes Windeck * 1888 † 1975

Ewald Wenck * 1891 † 1981

Guenther Schwerkolt *1907 † 1997

Anette Riedel *1950 ?

Walter Gross * 1904 † 1989

Joachim Cadenbach * 1925 † 1992
Horst Wendt * 1935
John Hendrik * 1904 † 2004

Juergen Graf * 1927 † 2007

Juergen Schiller * 1942 † 2017

Peter Meyerhoff   *?

Wolf-Dieter Roeske  *?
   Hans Rosental * 1925 † 1987
Christian Bienert * 1948 † 2020


News - exclusiv material !

Berlin, July 14th, 2020
Christian Bienert,

right hand of Hans Rosenthal, Deutschlandradio just informed that he died already July 7th, 2020 age only 72. He run the private archive of Rosenthal.

He became popular when he took over "Das klingende Sonntagsrätsel" by Hans Rosenthal.
exclusive content to us ! (Nachruf von Rias Memories)



Producers' NEWS:

Just as we building this site we can not overlook that a dear member of staff,one of these VOICES OF RIAS, just now has passed away aged 76: R.I.P: "Lord Knud" !

Berlin, June 17th, 2020 / July 10th
Knud Friedrich Martin Kuntze Lezno, Poland today, in 1944, he presented the first ever hit parade on radio, "Schlager der Woche", and the flagship "Evergreens agogo" on RIAS.
He was initially a bass-player in the cult band "The Lords", the German answer to the Beatles, when in 1964 he lost a leg at an accident. He joined the RIAS, bought the "Lord" and kept his biting Berlin humour, his rough jokes and acidic jabs against" those in power over there in the Communist SED regime, which became his trademark. On his piano in Dahlem Udo Juergens composed "Aber bitte mit Sahne", just one of these anecdotes. Look over the rainbow, was his slogan...
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